Sunday 4th September 2016

Polesden Laceyimg_1981

Cloudy, 16C

Moved National 14×12 frames into WBC hive – new brood box in WBC box, placed frames during inspection.

6x frames brood (Queen sighting)
3x frames stores

Varroa Treatment

Added first dose of Apiguard onto frames.


Placed rapid feeder with sugar syrup above small eke (this prevents the bees from making too much honey using a large eke – when feeding and giving varroa treatment, bees will make wax)


Queen excluder (storage)
Rapid feeder
Brood box

To do

Check in 2 weeks

  • how much syrup has been taken down?
  • 2nd dose of Apiguard
  • Attach ring to hive stand to attach scales and weigh hive.

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