Sunday 11th September

Clear to sunny, 16 – 18C

Reigate beekeepers secondary apiary x6 hives, plus 1 hive of J’s


  • Checked weight and hefted all hives – double brood hives had around 40lb (18kg), and single brood between 20 – 30lb. Hives need around 40lb to make it through the winter (Williams 2010) and so lower weight hives were topped up – although for some single brood hives it was easier to take a visual inspection as a guide to stores vs brood in the hive.
  • Removed/refilled feeders
  • Checked brood – should be reducing at this time of year – looked for eggs, larvae and the Queen
    • Saw the Queen in all hives but one, which was very quiet – instead found one charged queen cup with larva, did not see the Queen or any eggs in this hive
  • One hive was low on brood but Queen was seen, so added 2 frames of capped brood from another hive
  • Ivy flow still to come and brood to decrease, so there should be enough space for the winter
  • Added Apiguard to each hive, will require second dose in 2 weeks time (28th September)
  • J’s hive: replaced 2 frames from the observation hive (with Queen), Jack to feed and add Apiguard next week


Williams, John. (2010) ‘Starting Out With Bees’ Kenilworth: Bee Craft Ltd.


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