October catchup

OK, so I’ve not actually seen a lot of bees in the past few weeks – in mid-September I was away at a conference for work and stayed in York for the weekend so I didn’t get to come home, and since then either J or I has been unavailable. I’m currently at home on the sofa, feeling ill and not at work. This Sunday, which is usually bee-day, is my birthday, and so I probably won’t be around then either – if I’m not still ill, that is!

But for lots of other beekeepers this is a busy time of year, with honey shows taking place at lots of different associations and on 29th October the National Honey Show is taking place. I just googled the lectures and they look really interesting!

For me, I’d like to attend, but I still don’t have any bees to take the knowledge back to! Hopefully in the next year or so things will settle a bit and I’ll be able to get on top of this as a plan and get some bees of my own. So who knows, maybe I’ll be attempting to gather enough honey to show in a year!


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