End of June

So tonight we inspected our super quickly – they’ve started filling the new top one with nectar and made a lot of brace comb now that the other three are totally full!

Last week we didn’t make up a new box, and just borrowed an empty one instead. Our tutor explained that the reason she’d asked us to make up 12 frames was not only so that we’d get the practice, but so the bees had something to do. She was expecting crap weather this week and so having foundation to draw out would have kept them busy, whereas what we gave them of empty drawn comb would just make them bored. But in a bit of good luck the weather was pretty good this week, so it worked out ok!

We only inspected the top brood box today, but actually saw everything: eggs, larvae, capped brood and a Queen!

We also practiced picking up bees, which we will have to do in the exam. Ten bees! Tonight I got five, and none of them stung me so I think that’s a success. Apparently the key is to be confident and we might even get away with picking up less than ten on the day, but we’ll see.

This post brought to you by my waiting to be picked up from the station on account of my being a moron getting on the wrong train. It’s now a very long wait unless a lovely human comes to get me, which luckily, one is.

Written Friday 30th June


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